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When did everyone get rosaries?

Rosary hanging from a mirror

Do you ever get the feeling that the Big Guy is trying to give you a sign? Today my wife Emily and I had to run some errands; dry cleaner, drug store, grocery store. You know, super-exciting saturday afternoon adventures. The car was also in need of an oil change, so we decided to stop at one of the local quickie oil change places in town. There were already a couple other cars waiting when we pulled up, so we got in line and patiently waited our turn to enter the bay. I think that every car that went in not only got an oil change, but also windshield wipers, new brake lights and turn indicators, and just for good measure a radiator flush as well, because we were sitting there for a long time.

No big deal, we were in no rush. I don’t know what we used to do ten years ago when we were stuck in a line, but nowadays I personally reach for my phone first thing whenever I’m forced to wait for anything. I do super important stuff like check facebook (I believe I found out that my niece was at a chili cook off, that’s the kind of information you just can’t live without) and twitter (did you know that the Super Bowl is tomorrow?). Then, after three minutes of that, I had nothing left to do but stare at whatever was around me (No, I couldn’t talk to Emily, she was too busy typing emails). I looked over at the jeep to my left,  a younger looking kid also waiting patiently for his turn in the bay, and noticed that he had a rosary hanging from his rear view mirror. I love it when I see a rosary hanging from someone’s mirror, especially when it’s a young person’s vehicle. Then, I look to a truck that was parked to my right, and guess what’s hanging from its mirror? That’s right, another rosary. What are the odds?

I mentioned to Emily, rudely interrupting her email typing, “Hey, look. Both of these cars have rosaries hanging from their rearview mirrors”. Emily looks up and says “Oh yeah, I’ll hang one from ours.” While reaching into her purse she says “I have lots of rosaries in here”. And she reached in her magic bag and – Voila! A rosary. She hung it from the mirror and now I didn’t feel quite as out of place in the oil change line. If there’s one thing you need to feel like you fit in at the local quick lube it’s a rosary.

Next we have to go to the grocery store. When we get to the checkout line I notice a long gold chain around the checkout lady’s neck. I take a second look and I notice that her gold chain has little tiny gold beads on it. I look at the bottom, and sure enough; one bead, three beads, one bead, crucifix. Another rosary! Now, I’m not sure if this lady was as much of a devout Catholic as the folks I see wearing rosaries on MTV, but it was a rosary nonetheless. Then, just for good measure, as we’re walking out of the store, the car that almost ran us over had something swinging violently from it’s rearview mirror as it sped by.  That’s right, you guessed it, another rosary.

Now, I can choose to ignore all of these rosaries popping up in rapid succession, just a random coincidence. Since my conversion, however, I’m believing in “coincidence” less and less. I have to assume that it’s some sort of sign, but sign of what? Maybe I’m supposed to pray the rosary more, I have to admit I’ve been slipping quite a bit at that. Maybe I’m supposed to pray for something or somebody in particular, but who? The truth is I don’t know what all of these signs meant, if they meant anything at all. What I do know is that tomorrow I am going to pray a rosary, and I’m going to try to list everyone and everything I can think of as intentions for that rosary. And if that’s not what God was trying to tell me, I’m sure He will find a way to let me know, he always does. In the meantime, I’ll just keep praying the rosary.


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  • Kevin says:

    Very cool blog post. Some times I wonder how many things I miss (like rosaries hanging from rearview mirrors) because I don’t take the time to observe the details of the people and God’s other creations that surround me. BTW. I’ve got rosaries hanging from the rearview mirrors in our vehicles. It’s nice to know it’s right there when you need it.

    February 11, 2012 at 10:15 pm

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