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We’re still standing, and our enemies have taken notice

Anti-Catholic ad in the New York Times

Just in case you really didn’t believe that we and our Church are in a battle, check out this full page ad that ran in The New York Times.  You can read the full text of the ad at Creative Minority Report.  I have a million things I can say about the content of this ad, but so many others have done such a great job of commenting on it already (see links below).  Instead, I just want to mention a couple of points.  First, that The New York Times would have never run a similar ad attacking any other religious institution (imagine if someone wrote a similar ad about Muslims, and The Times ran it).

Second, I want congratulate the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Why would I congratulate them you might ask?  Well, because obviously the other side has taken notice of the stance they have taken against the HHS mandate, and they are scared.  Why would you spend $50,000 for a full page New York Times ad to attack an irrelevant institution?  Answer – you wouldn’t.  It feels to me that our Church has been lying on the mat for some time now.  Rocked by priest abuse scandals, coverups, and lawsuits; not to mention an ever increasing secular culture that finds the Church not suitable for the modern age, society has been ready to count Her out.

Not so fast.  I believe that this is our Church’s “Rocky” moment.  It is time to get off the mat, take the lead, and change this evil tide before it’s too late.  And don’t think that the other side hasn’t noticed.  They’ve been standing in their neutral corner, arms triumphantly in the air, watching the ref slowly count to ten.  They had no need to fight any more, the fight was over.  We had beaten ourselves as much as we had been beaten by the opponent, but either way, we were bloody, battered, and out.  But now we are rising off the mat, and our opponent has taken notice.  As Father Hollowell said, they better finish us now, because we are ready to rumble.  And our opponent is not happy about it.

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