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The Mayan 2012 mystery

Our cruise continues. Yesterday we went on our “2012 – Mysteries of the Mayan Civilization” tour, which was pretty informative. The tour was led by a man who said that he was of 100% Mayan ancestry, which he had supporting evidence that I won’t get into here. He began the tour by bringing up the doomsday date of December 23, 2012 and told us something absolutely shocking – the Mayans did not predict that the world was going to end on that date (imagine that, a culture that is misunderstood by society). That just happens to be the date that their calendar period ended, not that their calendar ended.  December 24, 2012 just begins the next period.

Now, the way they measured the periods was pretty interesting, however. I’ll have to do a little research on this when I get home, but the guide said that the calendar period began when six planets aligned (the Mayans were amazingly advanced in astronomy). The period ended when those six planets aligned again, a little over 5000 years later, on December 23, 2012. So, in short, the date means nothing. All that it means is that the second calendar period begins on December 24, 2012. So you can breath easy now, we’re all safe. Just don’t let Hollywood know, they still have ten months to make money off this.

The other interesting thing that our guide told us was that there is a theory among the Mayans that Jesus Christ visited them in about 34 A.D., just after the crucifixion and resurrection. There are carvings on stone tablets of a man with a beard, the Mayans have no facial hair, who lived among the Mayans for a short period of time. The Mayan legend says that he was a very good man who taught the Mayans many things, including methods of planting and harvesting. Then, as legend has it, one day he said that he had to leave because he had others to visit, and he was gone. This was a fascinating legend that I had never heard before, and would definitely like to do some research on. If you happen to know anything about it please feel free to let me know.

I would love to write more today, but I have to go off to brunch. The life of a tourist is very hard, I don’t know how I manage to keep up. Tomorrow we are back in Miami, then fly to Detroit, back to reality.  I’m guessing it’s not sunny and 80 degrees there, is it?

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  • Kevin says:

    Not quite sunny and 80 in Detroit right now. Be prepared to use your snow shovel when you get home.

    February 11, 2012 at 10:25 pm

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