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Maybe Bill Maher can have a “Field of Dreams” moment

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and it made me think of some things.  The first thing it made me think of was how I used to think the exact same way that Bill Maher does now. I believed that only weak, gullible people could possibly believe in something like Christianity, or even God Himself for that matter.  I would look down at people who I knew were believers, even though some of the strongest, most intelligent people I knew were also believers.  You can explain anything away if you try hard enough, just like Bill Maher does with his line “You can have whatever opinion you want, and the fact that a billion other people believe it gives you a lot of strength and credence.”  This was his way of saying that just because you and a billion other idiots have this opinion doesn’t mean that the rest of us have to be idiots as well.  I’m paraphrasing, but I’m pretty sure that was his point.  The next thing that it made me think of was the fact that I am going to continue to pray for Bill Maher, and others like him, to have what I call their “Field of Dreams” moment. Continue reading

An Atheistic Defense Of Tim Tebow | ThePostGame

Below is an excerpt of an article by Eric Adelson about American Atheist president Dave Silverman weighing in on the Tebow phenomena.  I mention this only because I can see where Mr. Silverman is coming from.  In my previous life it would have bothered me to no end that Tebow always thanks Jesus, just as it drove me nuts when Kurt Warner did it.  I always had this feeling that it was at least naive, and at worst disingenuous pandering on his part.  I honestly thought that nobody truly believed in Jesus as the Son of God, and if they did they must be incredibly naive.  I was the guy who at a Catholic wedding would feel proud when everyone went up for communion that I was smart enough to stay in my seat.  I was not one of the “sheep” walking up to eat a communion wafer just so everyone could see how holy I was.  Besides, I knew must of those people, and they were not holy.

Well, just like Mr. Silverman, I just didn’t “get it”.  Now, I couldn’t imagine a Sunday going by without receiving our Lord in holy communion.  But I still remember how I used to feel, and I’m glad I no longer feel that way.  Mr. Silverman would say that I’ve been brainwashed, just as he says Tebow is brainwashing himself by giving God all the credit.  I, however, know the truth, and I pray that Mr. Silverman and others like him will find the truth as well.  What do you think?

The article:

An Atheistic Defense Of Tim Tebow

Thursday, January 12, 2012 12:05 pmWritten by: Eric Adelson

It’s official: Everyone on the planet has an opinion on Tim Tebow. By now we’ve heard from everyone from Rick Perry to Bill Maher to the folks at Saturday Night Live. And of course those opinions result in even more opinions, so much so that Tim Tebow the human being is almost irrelevant next to Tim Tebow the idea. What Tebow represents can be almost anything to anyone, but the person we’re all talking about has faded away.

And that brings us to the atheist community.

They are certainly in the minority on Tim Tebow. In a recent nationwide poll, 43 percent of those who knew of Tebow said they believed divine intervention was at least partly responsible for his success. Atheists, obviously, disagree. They also dislike how Tebow is using his fame to promote Christianity. No surprise there.

But what is surprising is that one leading atheist makes an argument against Tebow that also serves as a roundabout defense of Tebow. And to illustrate that point, we begin with the president of American Atheists, Dave Silverman, Tebowing:

Silverman, 45, has added a clever twist to the fad. He is genuflecting like Tebow does when he prays, but he’s also mimicking Rodin’s The Thinker. This is a nod to the atheist or humanistic belief that it is man — not a higher power — who is purely in control of his fate. Silverman is Tebowing to his fellow man.

“The universe has a trillion stars,” he says. “Ninety five percent of it is dark matter. It’s hubris to think the Creator of all that wants the Broncos to win a football game.”

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