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I really have to start paying attention to what I write

Diagram from the accident report

Actual sketch from the accident report, I'm car #2


A couple weeks ago I wrote a post called “Be careful what you ask him for, He will probably answer“. I think, maybe, I should have taken my own advice. I’ve been writing this blog for almost a month now, and I actually find it quite enjoyable, at least considering that I really had no desire to do any writing just a couple months ago. I made a promise to myself that I would try to write a minimum of three times per week, and I figured in the process the blog could do three things:

  1. It would get me to connect regular daily life events to principles involving the Catholic faith. I already did quite a bit of that in my head, but the added pressure to write it down would keep it “top of mind”.
  2. My wife Emily would tell everyone we know that I was writing a blog, therefore it would kind of get me “out of the closet” when it comes to being a Christian. I would write things in a public forum, and everyone and anyone could read it. No more keeping my thoughts to myself
  3. Maybe, some others would come across what I write and actually find it enjoyable and/or helpful. This might be a bit of a stretch, but a guy can dream.

Now, I think that those are all very noble and admirable reasons for embarking on this endeavor. (Forgive me while I shamelessly praise myself) There’s only one problem – I have to come up with something to write at least three times a week. So, the other night I was talking to Emily and I said “sometimes it’s kind of hard to come up with something to write”. Its not like I live the most exciting life. I go to work, come home, eat dinner, clean up, spend a little quality time with my main squeeze, then repeat the next day. BORING! I was wondering how I would find things to write about.

The very next morning (Thursday) I’m driving down the highway on my way to work, a pickup truck travelling in the opposite direction crosses the median, then crosses my lanes of traffic, and I hit it. Hard! Airbags deploy, stuff breaks, loud noises, and then everything comes to a stop. By the time I get my door open there is already a young girl at my door apologizing profusely and crying. She asks if I’m ok, I step out of the car and tell her that I’m fine. The young girl starts crying more, saying that she lost control, and apologizing. If this would have happened five years ago I might have got out of the car and began screaming at the girl, asking her how she could have possibly lost control so bad on perfectly dry road? Instead, I put my arm around her and told her that everything would be ok. I was just glad that no one was hurt, and we were both able to stand there and talk until the police arrived. She apologized for my car, which I knew was totalled, and she worried about what her dad was going to say.

As I stood there thanking God that everyone was ok, I was thinking “what if I didn’t hit her?” If I hadn’t hit her vehicle she would have gone off the road on the other side, and who knows what would have happened to her. All I was thinking as I saw her truck coming toward me was how to avoid it, but maybe it was better for the world that I hit her. She is a young, 18 year old girl with much to accomplish in this life. Maybe she never would have got the chance to accomplish those things if she had gone into the brush off the side of the road at that speed. My next thought actually was “well, I guess you can probably write about this in the blog. This is kind of exciting”. I can check that box now, because here I am writing about it. Then, the thought that didn’t hit me until much later in the day, “Why were you complaining about it being hard to find things to write about? Aren’t you the one who said if you ask Him for stuff He will probably answer?” Good point. (Note to self – don’t ever complain about being bored).

I don’t want you to get the idea that I think I’m St. Damian of Malokai or anything, but maybe God does want me to write this blog for some reason. Maybe He’s telling me that if I’m not willing to put in the work to come up with material, He’ll do it for me. So, I will continue to write, and try not to complain about finding material, and hopefully bring some others a little enjoyment. After all, as I found out yesterday, life is both precious and fleeting.        And if I’m going out, I want to go out knowing that I did my best to serve Him in whatever capacity He requests of me.

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  • Kevin says:

    Hey Matt,
    Glad to know that you are alright. And to your point #3… I enjoy reading your blog.
    God bless you brother.

    January 28, 2012 at 12:01 am
    • Matt says:

      Thanks for the nice words Kevin. I’m glad you enjoy reading.
      God bless

      January 28, 2012 at 1:37 pm

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