A Catholic Convert talks about faith and life

What did Jesus claim to be?

The first time that I opened the Gospels with the intention of actually learning anything, I had no idea what I would find.  I knew that Jesus had claimed to be the Son of God, that he was born of the Virgin Mary, and that he was crucified and resurrected.  I knew nothing about the fact that Jesus was believed to be both fully divine and fully human.  I thought that Son of God simply meant that he was sent here by God to teach us something, and then he had to die  and be resurrected.  So this is where the journey begins – what did Jesus and his apostles claim him to be? Continue reading

Why do I believe what I believe?

Why do I believe what I believe?  That is a question that I ask myself on a fairly regular basis.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a devout Catholic, who believes in EVERYTHING the Catholic Church teaches, but that was not always the case.  I spent the vast majority of my life serving no one other than myself.  Everything was fine as long as I was having “fun”, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  I was doing massive damage to my mind, body, and life with alcohol.  I had entered into a marriage that I never should have, mainly because I had no idea what a marriage truly was, and that marriage quickly ended.  And then I found myself in another marriage that I was promptly destroying by living my self gratifying life.  I still thought that I was fine, it was just everyone else who had a hard time dealing with me.  Then, one night in January 2009 it happened.  I was sitting on the couch, minding my own business, when my wife, Emily, says to me “I want to bring our marriage into the Catholic Church.”  I had no idea how that was going to change my life. Continue reading