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Who exactly is behind daylight savings time anyway?

Mama Boucher

Have you ever seen the movie The Waterboy?  Do you remember Booby Boucher’s Mama saying everything was “the devil”?  Football is the devil (actually she said foosball, but you know what she meant), school is the devil, even Ben Franklin was the devil according to her.  Well, at the risk of sounding like Mrs. Boucher, I think daylight savings time might be the devil.  Let me make my case here, and let’s see if you agree. Continue reading

We don’t always understand, but we still believe

The moon and Jupiter taken at St. Peter's square

A picture I took from St. Peter's square in the Vatican. Behind the obelisk you can see the moon with Jupiter just below it

Have you happened to look in the western sky in the early evening the last couple nights?  If you have, maybe you have taken notice of the two bright stars in the western sky, both appearing well before dark, and also well before any other stars in the area.  These two objects, as you may be aware, are Venus and Jupiter.  Which, if I remember right, are the third and fourth brightest objects in our sky, behind the Sun and Moon.  Venus is the brighter one, and currently appears slightly below Jupiter, but that will change soon.  On Sunday night, if you’re lucky to have a clear sky (which it looks like the Detroit area will), you will see that the two planets appear to be right next to each other.  Now, maybe this doesn’t exactly thrill you, but it does me (go ahead, call me a geek – you wouldn’t be the first).  Not only do I think it’s cool, but it also gets me thinking… Continue reading

Sometimes the world you land in isn’t the same as the world you took off from

Well, it’s been a busy couple weeks. Emily and I returned home from our cruise back on Saturday February 11th, getting back to our house at around 12:30 am. Then, went to bed, got up Sunday morning, went to mass, did two loads of laundry, packed again, went back to the airport, and I left for Frankfurt, Germany at 7:30 pm Sunday night.  This one, however, was a work trip.  No tropical ports of call for me this time.  I arrived in Germany at about 10:30 am Monday (German time), drove two hours to my hotel, tried to stay awake the rest of the day, attended meetings on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, drove two hours back to Frankfurt, stayed overnight, and flew out at 9:30 am Friday back to Detroit. Continue reading

The Mayan 2012 mystery

Our cruise continues. Yesterday we went on our “2012 – Mysteries of the Mayan Civilization” tour, which was pretty informative. The tour was led by a man who said that he was of 100% Mayan ancestry, which he had supporting evidence that I won’t get into here. He began the tour by bringing up the doomsday date of December 23, 2012 and told us something absolutely shocking – the Mayans did not predict that the world was going to end on that date (imagine that, a culture that is misunderstood by society). That just happens to be the date that their calendar period ended, not that their calendar ended.  December 24, 2012 just begins the next period. Continue reading

Stories from a cruise ship

Yesterday I turned the big 4-0.  Some people freak out about age, not me though, I don’t feel a day over 39.  Besides, I spent the day in the best way I could ever imagine, on a cruise ship in the western Caribbean with my wife and best friend, Emily.  Emily wanted to do something special for my 40th birthday so she booked this cruise as a surprise.  The surprise part didn’t work out (that’s ok, I’m not really big on surprises anyway), but the cruise is awesome!  I don’t know if you’ve ever been on one of these things before, but the people watching alone is worth the price of admission.  I just thought I’d share a couple of the funny things I’ve heard since I’ve been here. Continue reading

When did everyone get rosaries?

Rosary hanging from a mirror

Do you ever get the feeling that the Big Guy is trying to give you a sign? Today my wife Emily and I had to run some errands; dry cleaner, drug store, grocery store. You know, super-exciting saturday afternoon adventures. The car was also in need of an oil change, so we decided to stop at one of the local quickie oil change places in town. There were already a couple other cars waiting when we pulled up, so we got in line and patiently waited our turn to enter the bay. I think that every car that went in not only got an oil change, but also windshield wipers, new brake lights and turn indicators, and just for good measure a radiator flush as well, because we were sitting there for a long time. Continue reading

WWJD – What would Jesus drive?

Jesus riding on a donkey

This has not been a good year for cars in our house. Back in May we had to turn in a lease vehicle, which meant we had to find a new car. We visited a couple dealerships and settled on a 2011 Chevy Malibu. A fine, fairly modest automobile. Six short weeks later, on Memorial Day, blammo! The car was struck by lightning while parked in a friends driveway. Airbags went off, horn was blowing, wipers on, cooling fan on, and all this without even having a key in the ignition. Pretty cool, huh? Continue reading

I really have to start paying attention to what I write

Diagram from the accident report

Actual sketch from the accident report, I'm car #2


A couple weeks ago I wrote a post called “Be careful what you ask him for, He will probably answer“. I think, maybe, I should have taken my own advice. I’ve been writing this blog for almost a month now, and I actually find it quite enjoyable, at least considering that I really had no desire to do any writing just a couple months ago. I made a promise to myself that I would try to write a minimum of three times per week, and I figured in the process the blog could do three things: Continue reading