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Something interesting happened to me at work yesterday. I am currently taking The Great Adventure Bible Timeline by Jeff Cavins at my church, which I highly recommend, and class was last night. I hadn’t quite finished answering all of the questions the night before, so I took the materials to work with me so I could finish at lunch. When lunchtime came I took out my workbook and Bible and started doing my homework at my desk. My boss came by, we are pretty friendly with each other, and asked if I was studying something. Much to my surprise, I answered without hesitation “yeah, I’m doing Bible study homework.”

Why am I surprised that I said that? Well, this might sound weird, but when my conversion first began I didn’t really want anyone to know. I previously had not been a believer in God, and definitely not a fan of church, especially the Catholic Church. When the conversion began, one of the biggest holdups for me was that I felt converting to a Christian would make me a colossal hypocrite. Other people (friends, coworkers, family) knew about my previous life and, let’s just say, it was far from holy. In fact, my embarrassment of my new Christian faith ran so deep that I would almost call it fear. I didn’t even want to invite anyone to the church on the day that I received the sacraments. Emily, of course, didn’t listen to me and still invited family and friends. I couldn’t really argue since not only was I being baptized, confirmed, and receiving communion, but Emily and I were also getting married in the Church that day. I couldn’t really deny her inviting people to her own wedding, even if we had already been civilly married for almost four years. But, if I could have it my way, it would have just been me, Emily, and a priest in an empty church, and I wouldn’t have told a soul. In fact, as it was, I didn’t let Emily put any of the pictures on facebook. I couldn’t deal with the fact that extended family and friends would know that I was becoming Catholic.

Things stayed that way for about six months. I was a practicing Catholic, trying to learn the gospel, attending mass, reading Catholic apologetics books, and not telling a soul. Then, I attended my CRHP (Christ Renews His Parrish) retreat at St. John’s Parrish in Fenton, MI, and things started to change. I knew on that weekend that God had brought me to the weekend to get me to open up about my new found love for Jesus Christ. And it worked, slowly.

Now, I have no problem standing up for the faith before family and friends. Sometimes receiving a decent amount of ridicule in return. The good Lord has also given me the guts to write this blog. It might not sound like much, but I never really used to share personal information with anyone, even family. Now, I feel that the Lord wants me to use my story to help others. So, I will keep writing, hopefully some people will find the site, and maybe it can help someone. In the meantime, I’ll no longer be afraid to whip out my Bible at work. The lord is with me!

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  • Kevin says:

    Matt, great story. You never know who you might influence in a positive way by allowing it to be known what you believe in and by demonstrating that belief by your actions. I too have gradually become more open with sharing my beliefs with others, and stories like yours only inspire me more. Pax Brother.

    January 18, 2012 at 10:37 pm
  • Emily says:

    I am so proud of you Matt! You are a great example for me to try to follow. Excellent post.

    January 18, 2012 at 10:39 pm

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